I never post on here anymore but this song is so good it just needed to EXIST somewhere for a little while and twitter is starting to make me so insecure. I’ll probably write a blog post/Observer article about it but until then I just want it to float off the tumblr dashboard and away into the night

I don’t know anything about Sofi de la Torre besides the fact that this song is perfect—strong contender for my fav of 2k14

musically it’s very Robyn meets M83 but the lyrics are just beautiful and connect with me on another level rn because I’m homesick and lonely and depressed even though I’m in the the most cosmopolitan, cultured city in the WORLD

I love these streets, I love these streets but they weren’t meant for me to walk

I love these people, I love the people but they never seem to wanna talk

And it’s been my only home ever since I saw the sky of vermillion

I forgot I could connect with music this deeply bye for now - m